The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association has introduced two new interactive GIS maps on a map of conserved lands across Pennsylvania, and a map of land trust service areas in the state.

Pennsylvania Conserved Land Map

This map identifies land across the state conserved by land trusts as well as local, state, and federal government bodies. The map contains data for each property, including acreage, status of public access, year established, and managing organization. Users can search by place or address; filter by location, land trust, or easement holder; and much more.

Explore the map here.

Land Trust Service Areas Map (Beta)

This map identifies land trust service areas across Pennsylvania. In addition to scrolling on the map, users can search by county, watershed, or organization name. the map aslo provides more in-depth information and relevant links for each land trust.

Feedback is encouraged on this beta version. Email Josh VanBrakle at [email protected] with comments or suggestions to improve the map.

Explore the map here.