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DEIJ Training for Organizational Leaders

  • Please send three individuals in leadership positions from your organization, including the Executive Director (or equivalent), Board Chair or President, and staff person who currently handles the organization’s DEIJ work (e.g. DEIJ officer, point-person, or manager.)

    Because supporting an organizational DEIJ change process is a strong focus of this session, it is critical that all three of these positions be in attendance for the entirety of this workshop (with video on for the duration.)

    If you have any questions about which members of your organization should attend, please contact Director of Outreach and Development Sara Painter at [email protected]

    This workshop is presented to our members at no charge from WeConservePA. Donations are encouraged to support our DEIJ work.

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  • Membership is not required for registration.
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  • Please leave this field blank ONLY if you have spoken to Sara Painter at [email protected] and have been advised to do so.
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    I understand that space is being held for my organization in this workshop, and that it is critical for all three participants from my organization to attend the workshop in its entirety, with video on for the duration. Please reach out to Carolyn Grayshaw at [email protected] immediately should you need to cancel or change your registration.