Last year we set about forming a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) community for conservationists. Over 90 staff, board, and volunteers from 75 different organizations throughout PA, MD, D.C., NJ, DE, and national organizations expressed interest in participating. From this group, a smaller “planning committee” self-selected and committed to working together for six months to form a path forward. We have created several workgroups dubbed “pods” to address specific goals: Relationship Building, Strategic Planning, Structure, Programming, and Workforce. These pods have been meeting monthly since January 2021 and will continue to meet regularly in the future.

Structure Pod

Discusses the framework for the DEIJ Community with recommendations to the Steering Committee on processes to be used in implementing the Community’s work.

Strategic Planning Pod

Sets and maintains goals for the DEIJ Community; tracks and creates activities and metrics that address those goals to ensure the Community’s accountability.

Relationship-Building Pod

Identifies potential partners and facilitates relationships that foster DEIJ work with a peer network; offer events and roundtables to build those relationships.

Programming Pod

Collects, houses, and offers educational resources, opportunities and awareness-building activities that foster collective action to combat systemic/institutional racism and create racial equity.

Workforce Pod *New

Proposes, develops, and pilots strategies and frameworks to attain equity, inclusion, and justice within and among conservation organizations; promotes equitable hiring practices and shared accountability in the workplace.

If any of these pods dovetail with your interests and/or expertise, please fill out the form below or email Lina Berón Echavarria at [email protected].

DEIJ Pod Participation Form

  • Pod membership is non transferrable. We ask that you commit for at least six months to your Pod and that you are representing yourself, not your organization
  • Please indicate which pod you are interested in participating in.
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