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Recycling Focus Group

In researching how our EAC (Montgomery Township) can best educate/serve our citizens about recycling we have learned the following:

  1. Recycling is huge, complex, confusing and fluid.  Challenge to research, harder to educate and influence.
  2. We struggle enacting programs like plastic bag deincentive/ban, since we have so much large retail and so many customers coming outside our zip.
  3. The real weight of recycling lies with the trash haulers, MRF's,  Trex, Newman paper recycling, etc.  Each is too big for single EAC's to influence.    Most EAC's are  too small to benefit them in partnering.
  4. What we are trying to do.. we are sure overlaps with beliefs and initiatives from other EACs across PA.

Is anyone else interested in exploring the formation of a EAC/PA wide recycling focus team(s)?   Benefits: Avoid duplication, increase clout, shared strategies.  Thanks  Don Hamp


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Hello Don,

I am a new member to my local EAC, Washington Township Berks County EAC. I am reaching out on my own behalf, and not that of my EAC. Currently our recycling program is on the chopping block from our township due to the costs which exceed the proceeds made from buyback recycling materials. Our township is requesting that we seek grants or look for ways to be able to reduce the costs of our program. From my understanding there are no grants that focus on recycling specifically, and in order to qualify for grants our EAC will need to focus on other environmental inititiaves that is not specifically recycling (for the past 6 years they have only focused on recycling). I would like to bring up your post tonight at our meeting and discuss possibly connecting with what your proposing to help with our recycling program. Thank you!