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Advocating for Bird-Friendly Proclamations, Resolutions, and Ordinances


Join WeConservePA and Bird Town PA as we welcome guest speakers from the National Audubon Society’s Bird-Friendly Communities team to learn how to use proclamations, resolutions, and ordinances (PRO) to promote healthier and safer habitats for birds through the use of native plants, bird-safe windows, and the reduction of light pollution.

In this presentation participants will:

  • Learn the basics of PRO.
  • Go over the steps involved in securing a PRO in their local community.

We’ll then hear from local leaders, representing environmental advisory councils, Audubon chapters, and other community groups across Pennsylvania about how they have successfully advocated for their bird-friendly PRO.

More information on Audubon Mid-Atlantic Bird-Friendly Communities.




Connie Sanchez is Audubon’s Program Coordinator for Bird-friendly Buildings, focused on building awareness of the hazards birds face as they navigate the built-environment, including glass and lights. She works closely with the Audubon network across the country to build and enhance the tools and resources necessary to create change in local communities through individual action and municipal engagement.

John Rowden is Audubon’s Senior Director for Bird-Friendly Communities, leading a team that supports the Audubon network’s efforts to provide birds with food, shelter, safe passage and places to raise young in the communities we share with them.


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