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DRW Land Protection Impact Assessment Briefing Part 2


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What have we achieved? Assessing the impact of DRWI Land Protection

The Land Protection Impact Assessment aims to assess the value of nearly $9 million investment in some 50+ land protection projects for water quality in the Delaware River Basin. Traditional methods of measuring the outcomes of land protection on water quality tend to undervalue the conservation of intact headwaters, the very resources that DRWI targets through its land protection strategy. Through the Assessment, the project team is demonstrating a suite of stream sampling, data analysis and computer modeling approaches to quantitatively evaluate investments in maintaining clean water.




February 2, 2:00PM – 3:30PM | Modeling Protection’s Impact on Water Quality 

The second session will present quantitative final results on the impact of over 50 DRWI land protection projects on water quality. The results present an array of modeling approaches that add dimension to our understanding of how headwaters protection impacts water quality. This work sits in contrast to traditional modeling evaluations that tend to emphasize the value of protection where development pressure is highest.

Instead of just focusing on the pollutant load land protection projects prevent, this Assessment developed new methods to answer additional questions, including:

  • What pollutant load does the protected parcel treat/remove/reduce? and
  • What is the downstream/relative benefit to water quality?

Presenters will summarize findings from these traditional and novel modeling approaches and discuss the potential for these methods to help elucidate the case for a land protection strategy focused on intact headwaters.






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