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Model My Watershed®: An Introduction for EACs


Model My Watershed® is an open access watershed-modeling web application, developed by the Stroud Water Research Center (and partners), which allows users to analyze real land-use and soil data, model stormwater runoff and water quality impacts, and run comparisons on how different conservation or development strategies can impact runoff and water quality.  Join David Arscott, Ph.D., President and Executive Director of the Stroud Water Research Center and Carol Armstrong, Master Watershed Steward, and Chair of the Charlestown Township EAC for an introduction on how to use the tool, best use-cases, limitations, and an overview of the training resources available for EACs who would like to put this powerful tool to work for them. There is no cost to attend.



David Arscott, Ph.D. | President and Executive Director, Stroud Water Research Center

David Arscott serves as President and Executive Director of Stroud Water Research Center, an independent, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that seeks to advance knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems through global research, education, and watershed restoration. He co-leads the development of WikiWatershed.org, a web toolkit designed to help conservation practitioners, researchers, educators, and students advance knowledge and stewardship of fresh water. As a freshwater ecologist, Arscott’research has focused on riverine landscape ecology and dynamics, aquatic invertebrate, fish, and algal ecology, aquatic food web structure and dynamics, habitat conservation, and land-water interactions.  

Carol Armstrong, Ph.D. | Master Watershed Steward, Chair, Charlestown Township EAC, Executive Board of the Friends of the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

Carol Armstrong is a neuroscientist and neuropsychologist with 35 years of research, healthcare, and teaching with the University of Pennsylvania. Experiencing the impacts of loss of biodiversity, climate change, and chemicals in the environment, she shifted to a volunteer career supporting scientists in their work on watershed protection and restoration. Dr. Armstrong is a PA Master Watershed Steward, Chairs the Environmental Advisory Committee of Charlestown PA, serves the Board of the Friends of the J. Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, and trained in riparian buffer restoration and stream water quality monitoring with the Stroud Water Research Center.  


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