Land Conservation Manager

Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art


Supervises and is responsible for the cultivation, preparation, and acquisition of conservation and agricultural easements and fee-simple lands.


1. Directs Land Conservation staff and oversees the cultivation, preparation, and acquisition of conservation easements, conservation easement amendments, and fee-simple lands.
2. Cultivates and prepares new conservation easement and fee simple land projects. Works with the Easement Manager to cultivate and prepare conservation easement amendments.
3. Coordinates with the Manager of Community Services to secure grant funding and promote and facilitate the implementation of best management practices for the conservation of land, water, and biological resources.
4. Works with the Directors and Development Office to seek funding for land and easement acquisitions, Best Management Practices implementation and staff support.
5. Supervises Land Conservation staff.
6. Contributes to newsletters, website and social media, as well as other Brandywine publications. Participates in Brandywine public relations activities through speeches to civic, governmental and other groups, through public events, and through publications.
7. Maintains contact with real estate professionals, other conservation representatives, local governments, regional, state and federal agencies to promote land conservation.
8. Assists the Directors in the preparation of the annual Conservancy budget, reports, and publications.
9. Prepares project budgets; and manages expenditures consistent with adopted budget and coordinates with the Directors to ensure staff meets personal income goals in a timely manner.
10. Supervises the work of all consultants associated with the Land Conservation Program and coordinates work of legal counsel, real estate appraisers and others as appropriate.
11. Attends meetings of the Conservancy Committee and makes presentations regarding proposed land and easement acquisitions for its approval.
12. Conducts performance evaluations of all Land Conservation staff. Provides recommendations to the Directors on staffing and personnel actions.
13. Assists other Conservancy and Brandywine staff and performs other duties as assigned.


1. Advanced degree in environmental science, ecology, law, regional planning, land planning, real estate, or related field; or Bachelor’s degree in related field and at least 7-10 years’ experience.
2. Knowledge of and at least five years’ experience with land use planning and conservation, land use/property law and real estate transactions.
3. Detailed knowledge of and experience in negotiating conservation easements, restrictive covenants, and land acquisitions.
4. General understanding of and/or experience with federal tax law governing charitable gifts.
5. Demonstrated ability to comprehend and interpret legal documents and maps.
6. Exceptional organizational skills including the ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks.
7. Demonstrated experience with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and ArcView computer programs.
8. Exceptional written and oral communication skills, positive and energetic attitude and self-motivation.
9. Experience in budgeting, proposal preparation, and project cost estimating.
10. Ability to perform outdoor field work during all seasons and in varying weather conditions.
11. Ability to devote such time as required to perform assigned functions, usual work hours and occasional night meetings and weekend work.
12. Frequent travel within Pennsylvania and northern Delaware and to other places as necessary.
13. Must have a means of transportation to and from work and work assignments.
14. Supervisory and personnel evaluation experience.

How to Apply

Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected].