Land Protection Assistant

Lancaster Farmland Trust

Lancaster Farmland Trust is seeking qualified candidates for a Land Protection Assistant position.

Essential Duties

The Land Protection Assistant provides support to the Land Protection Department in accomplishing the Trust’s principal program effort: securing the donation or bargain purchase of conservation easements and stewarding the easements in perpetuity. This position reports to the Director of Land Protection.

The Land Protection Assistant must be philosophically committed to the mission and vision of Lancaster Farmland Trust; possess a general knowledge of agriculture in Lancaster County; be efficient and capable of managing a large workload with numerous tasks and be extremely attentive to detail and accuracy; be proficient in Microsoft Office and GIS software (ArcGIS 10.x); possess excellent oral and written communication skills; has a valid driver’s license; physically able to work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions in difficult terrain; capable of working independently and as a member of a team; and brings significant energy and enthusiasm to the position. Preference may be given to candidates with their (Part 107) Remote Pilot Certification.

The Land Protection Assistant must be able to, or must quickly obtain the ability to, understand the legal, tax and estates planning issues associated with land preservation.

Specific Duties

I. Administrative Support
Assist the Land Protection Department with administrative activities related to the acquisition, maintenance and monitoring of conservation easements, including the preparation and review of legal documents.

II. Grant Support
Provide support to the Land Protection Department in completing the scope of work outlined in grants awarded for easement acquisition, stewardship and other land preservation programs.

III. Annual Monitoring
Assist in conducting the Trust’s stewardship activities – including in-person assessments and utilizing aerial monitoring technology. Schedule and conduct annual conservation easement monitoring visits. Maintain databases and records related to stewardship activities.

IV. Baseline Documentation / Record Keeping / GIS & Field Technology
Assist in compiling complete, accurate and detailed baseline data on farmland preservation projects. Update and maintain reports on previously preserved farms. Maintain databases and records related to current and previous preservation projects.

Support the Land Protection Department in producing GIS materials to be utilized in identifying, evaluating and monitoring farms. Fly the Trust drone to capture aerial imagery of preserve farms.

V. Administrative and Organizational Support
Provide administrative support to the Land Protection Committee including scheduling meetings, taking minutes and maintaining meeting records. Assist the Director of Land Protection in carrying out initiatives of the committee. Prioritize and document projects for consideration by the committee.

Provide assistance to other departments with projects and events as required.

Other duties as assigned by the Director of Land Protection and/or Chief Operating Officer

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter, resume, and professional references to Jeb Musser, Director of Land Protection at [email protected].