Stewardship Associate

French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust

Position Description

The Stewardship Associate monitors all properties under easement with French & Pickering and all French & Pickering fee-owned properties at least once each calendar year and assists the Conservation Director. This position provides advance notice to the landowner when onsite monitoring is to be undertaken to communicate the date and relative time of the scheduled site visits at least 14-21 days in advance via US mail, email or phone call with a note to the file as to the date and time of the phone call. Additional visits undertaken as directed by the Conservation Director in special instances such as in the event a violation is suspected or follow up visit is needed to monitor corrective action. This position is responsible for establishing
a monitoring schedule and visitation sequence that maximizes efficiency and minimizes travel time. The scheduled visit time may be rotated to different seasons from year to year to capture a more complete understanding of the relative environmental health of the property in different seasons and to add a more random quality to the visits (to minimize the confidence they will not be detected should any eased landowners willfully plan activities they believe may violate the terms of the easement). Each visit shall include walking enough of the eased area to determine the degree to which the land is being used in a manner consistent with the restrictions. Photographs with their specific location noted on a map along with the direction of view shall be taken to provide photo documentation of site conditions at the time. A monitoring visit report signed by the landowner shall be secured for each annual inspection. The Stewardship Associate reports to the Conservation Director.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Pam Brown, Conservation Director at [email protected].