While we can’t get together to celebrate the earth on this Earth Day, there are still many ways in which we can celebrate and take action for the planet. That’s why for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we’ve compiled a list of 50 activities, actions, challenges, and tips that will help you to celebrate and take care of the earth today and every day.

  1. Go zero waste! Cut down on the waste that you produce and make the earth a greener, healthier place.
  2. Start a garden. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, there are many ways in which you can start gardening.
  3. Need soil for your garden? Try your hand at composting.
  4. Plant a tree for Earth Day and Arbor Day (April 24th). Manada Conservancy is holding their native plant sale online, where you can find trees and other plants native to PA.
  5. Need water for your trees and plants? Consider getting or building a rain barrel.
  6.  We’re all washing our hands more these days, which means more water being used. To save water, turn off the tap when washing your hands.
  7. Buy food locally. Not only will you support local farmers and businesses, but you’ll be supporting a healthier planet as well.
  8. Learn more about invasive plant species in your yard and what you can do to help slow their spread.
  9. Invasive species aren’t limited to land. Learn more about aquatic invasive species and how you can help stop their spread.
  10. How big is your carbon footprint? Many of our activities cause greenhouse gas emissions, which makes up our carbon footprint. Now is the time to learn how big your carbon footprint is and what you can do to lower it.
  11. Participate in the City Nature Challenge.
  12. Participate in the Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation Photo Contest.
  13. Explore PA Trails and find a trail near you.
  14. Looking to brush up on observation skills? Try your hand at nature journaling.
  15. Want a fun activity to do outside? Participate in a nature scavenger hunt.
  16. We’re all driving less due to COVID-19, but what if you swapped a trip in the car for a trip on your bike? It’s better for you and better for the environment.
  17. Paper towel is hard to find these days and it’s not really an environmentally-friendly option. Consider making your own reusable paper towels.
  18. Stop using plastic water bottles. Plastic water bottles contribute to massive amounts of waste and damage our environment. Make the change to reusable bottles now.
  19. Learn how to make a bird feeder from recycled materials.
  20. Hummingbirds are making their way back to PA, welcome them to your yard, patio, or balcony with some homemade nectar.
  21. Save on energy and wash your clothes in cold water.
  22. While we’re on the topic of clothes, consider hang-drying your garments as well. This too saves on energy.
  23. Love birdwatching? Want to become a citizen scientist? Participate in Pennsylvania eBird.
  24. Unplug appliances and electronics that aren’t in use and save on energy costs.
  25. Reduce your meat consumption. Meat production has a big carbon footprint. If you don’t want to give up meat altogether, consider going meatless once or twice a week.
  26. Recycle and (if you’re already recycling), recycle more!
  27. Go paperless!
  28. Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil found in many foods and everyday items, but it’s rise in demand has increased the clearing of rainforests. Take time this Earth Day to learn more about palm oil and how you can contribute to rainforest conservation by shopping for products containing sustainable palm oil.
  29. Get some words of inspiration on this Earth Day.
  30. April is National Poetry month. Why not celebrate Earth by writing a haiku?
  31. Going outside for Earth Day? Remember to leave no trace.
  32. Want to relax this Earth Day? Try being a tree through this guided meditation.
  33. Doing some spring cleaning? Try making your own homemade, natural cleaners.
  34. Want to celebrate earth through some scenic social distancing? Check out these 10 trails (remember to visit these trails if you are a local to this area).
  35. Want to celebrate Earth Day all month long? EcoWatch has some tips!
  36. Learn how to manage stormwater runoff in your yard with the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s Yard Design Tool
  37. Settle in with a book about the earth for Earth Day.
  38. Brush up on wildlife education through Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Wildlife on WiFi
  39. Virtually visit The Log to see glimpses of PA’s wildlife.
  40. Watch baby falcons hatch.
  41. Take one hour today and shut off all lights for an “Earth Hour.”
  42. Want to make crafts with the kids for Earth Day? Create a recycled egg carton turtle.
  43. Watch wildlife on these wildlife web cams.
  44. Plant a pollinator garden.
  45. Virtually hike the Appalachian Trail.
  46. Light up your home energy efficient light bulbs.
  47. Going through closets? Learn how to recycle clothing and accessories.
  48. Don’t pre-heat your oven. Most of the time this isn’t needed, unless you are baking bread.
  49. Make handmade paper from recycled materials.
  50. Turn off lights when you’re not in the room.