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Thousands of Miles of Trails

Greenways & Trails

Walking, hiking, bicycling, horseback, and other trails provide recreation, health, and transportation benefits to Pennsylvanians.

Dedication to Trail Development

Greenways & Trails

Hundreds of local governments and nonprofit groups, as well as state and federal governments, develop and maintain Pennsylvania’s trails.

Connecting and Protecting

Greenways & Trails

Trails are often developed within greenways that protect wildlife habitat, provide flood prevention, improve air quality, and provide other environmental benefits.

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Looking to volunteer to help build, maintain, or improve a trail? There are hundreds of trail groups in PA.


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Trail of the Year

The Ghost Town Trail is Pennsylvania’s 2020 Trail of the Year!

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Benefits of Trails

From higher property values to better health, trails provide numerous benefits.

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What’s a greenway?

Greenways are corridors of land recognized for their ability to connect people and places together. These ribbons of open space are located within linear corridors that are either natural, such as rivers and streams, or manmade, such as abandoned railroad beds and utility corridors. Greenways, as vegetated buffers protect natural habitats, improve water quality and reduce the impacts of flooding in floodplain areas. Most greenways contain trails, which enhance existing recreational opportunities, provide routes for alternative transportation, and improve the overall quality of life in an area. [source:]