On March 25, Larry Knutson, founder of Penn Trails LLC announced his retirement as well as the promotion of long-time staff member Sarah Walter. As of March 29, 2024, Penn Trails is under the ownership and direction of Sarah Walter, RLA.

Sarah joined Penn Trails in November 2018 as the company’s Planning & Design Manager.  Since 2020, Sarah has been Penn Trails’ lead project manager for more than 30 projects throughout the U.S.  This includes a wide variety of project planning, management, and design environments, from universal access trails in Montana to boardwalks and suspension bridges in Illinois and large-scale master plans in Pennsylvania. Sarah brings a sophisticated, technologically, and environmentally oriented project design to land trust, public, and private clients throughout the country. Additionally, Sarah coauthored the new edition of Trails for All People: Guidance for Accessibility and Inclusive Design in 2021. Sarah’s insight and experience represents a new generation of understanding with regards to addressing trail project clients’ needs and concerns in an increasingly challenging climate of change.

Larry signs off, “Since starting Penn Trails in 2008, I have sincerely enjoyed meeting and working with many hundreds of wonderful people across the country.  I am thankful for all that I have experienced and learned with you along the way and ever grateful for the opportunities you presented by engaging Penn Trails. My departure from Penn Trails and the trail industry offers my wife Kim and I new opportunities. I look forward to hearing about where your own trails may take you as well as your continuing journey with Sarah and Penn Trails.”