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EAC Network Fall Gathering 2023:

Save the date: Saturday October 21, 2023, on the campus of West Chester University.

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EAC Network

Serving PA’s Environmental Advisory Councils

WeConservePA helps environmental advisory council volunteers help one another.


Environmental Advisory Councils

EAC Network

WeConservePA supports EACs with training, networking, and sharing of news, experiences, and ideas.

EAC Network

Pollinator Pitstop Program Starts a Community-Wide Movement

West Vincent EAC started a pollinator pitstop garden project in 2021, and over the course of the past year, one garden turned into dozens and dozens more, involving neighbors, schools, and hundreds of community members.

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What’s an EAC?

Any municipality in Pennsylvania may establish an environmental advisory council to tap the skills and volunteer energy of its citizens. Consisting of three to seven members appointed by the local government, an EAC can undertake a variety of conservation projects. It can also research issues and advise local government officials to help inform decision-making regarding the environment.

What’s the EAC Network?

The EAC Network, managed by WeConservePA, helps environmental advisory council volunteers help one another. It creates opportunities for the people involved in EACs to bounce ideas off each other and share experiences and lessons learned. It provides in-person and digital forums for people to work together to answer each other’s questions and solve problems together.

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