Cover image: Wissahickon Trails.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), the Pennsylvania Trails Advisory Committee (PTAC), and WeConservePA have published the 2022 Pennsylvania Trails Annual Report.

The report documents many of the major accomplishments and milestones in the trails community in Pennsylvania during 2022. The documentation points to a robust and growing trails community in the commonwealth, with miles upon miles of trails added and important connections being made, including the closures of several major trail gaps. Additionally, the report points to major advancements in accessibility, inclusion, research, and professional development opportunities within the Pennsylvania trails community.

The report’s content was created by DCNR, PTAC, WeConservePA, Keystone Trails Association (KTA), Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC), and others. WeConservePA organized and compiled the report content, then enlisted the services of design company Fathom for the report’s layout and design. After extensive review and revision processes, the report was completed and published as a downloadable digital pdf on the PTAC webpage (which is itself a part of the DCNR website).

The report is also available here:

2022 Pennsylvania Trails Annual Report