Conservation of our natural resources is often viewed as separate from the nurturing of human life, but it is all part of what we often call the web of life. Because of this, our mission is inextricably tied to justice, inclusion, diversity, understanding and knowledge. A culture of oppression can undermine any and all efforts to preserve our living planet and all the beings that reside here.

Our mission directly addresses land conservation, environmental education and community engagement. We must keep that mission and our core values in our sight. Manada Conservancy is just embarking on our strategic planning for the next five years. This is an optimal time to examine our relationship with our larger community.

When mainstream American organizations fully recognize the need for racial justice, we may reach a tipping point. Then, the societal will to act with justice and compassion will become not just imaginable, but inevitable. We are committed to participating in a land conservation community that understands, values and embraces diversity, kindness and inclusion, and we stand with those who believe that systemic changes are needed in our society to make this possible. We also stand with those committed to taking part in that transformation.