PA Representative Cutler of Lancaster County soon will introduce legislation that would direct a portion of PA farm preservation funding to land trusts for purchase of agricultural conservation easements.

Please ask your representative to co-sponsor Rep. Cutler’s bill.

Rep. Cutler’s memorandum asking for co-sponsors is provided below.

Land trusts would be expected to use the state funds to leverage private contributions on a 50-50 basis in order to increase the effectiveness of state investments in farm preservation. The current proposal would dedicate $2,500,000 a year to this initiative as well as $500,000 to land trusts for reimbursement of transaction expenses of up to $10,000 for each qualifying ag easement project (up from the present $5,000 limit). Land trusts would apply directly to the state board for funding but would have to coordinate purchase activities with their county agricultural land preservation board.

The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association supports Rep. Cutler’s effort as does the PA Farmland Preservation Association (which is made up of county agricultural land preservation administrators).

Please take a moment to support farmland preservation and the land trust community. Call or email your representative as soon as possible.