On July 15, 2015, Allegheny Land Trust purchased a 32-acre parcel to add to the Waterworks Greenway Project in Sewickley, creating a 41-acre green space.

The land trust purchased the property from Sewickley Borough for $250,000. The heavily wooded conservation area is the second phase of ALT’s Waterworks Greenway Project; phase one protected an adjacent 9-acre tract. Using a total of $500,000 of state and local funds, the land trust protected both tracts of land.

“This land has been used for generations for hiking and horseback riding through the existing trails,” said Land Protection Director Roy Kraynyk. “Protecting it ensures the trails will remain, and prevents development at the sensitive headwaters of the watershed. Tree removal and new roadways would have generated large volumes of storm water that could have had negative impacts on homes and businesses located on Nevin, Waterworks and other local streets.”

The project began in 2013 when ALT was invited by local residents to look at land protection opportunities on Waterworks Road. The land trust determined that the 41 acres met its criteria and that protecting the local watershed was a key reason to protect the property as a permanent green space.

The land trust is pleased to add this land to their portfolio of conservation

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