Reposted from news item shared by Allegheny Land Trust, April 10. 

Credit: Lindsay Dill, Allegheny Land Trust.

In March, Allegheny Land Trust successfully closed on three land conservation projects, bringing close-to-home green space to three municipalities across the region.

In Ross Township, we completed the 24-acre Lowries Run Slopes Expansion Project, which links our existing conservation land with township-owned land to create a 67-acre greenway!

In the Municipality of Monroeville, we conserved 95 acres of the Gateway Woods project. The completion of this project has created a 396-acre contiguous greenway by connecting Monroeville Community Park West, Monroeville Community Park East, Sugar Camp Park, and our Mosside Slopes conservation area.

In Collier Township, we conserved 80 acres in the first phase of the Panhandle Greenway project. This project is a years-long, landscape-scale effort to proactively conserve high quality green space and add to locally conserved lands like Settler’s Cabin Park, Pittsburgh Botanical Garden, Collier Township Park, South Fayette’s Preservation Park, other public and privately conserved lands, and the Panhandle and Montour Trails.