WeConservePA highlights with admiration the remarkable work and facilities of our Pennsylvania Land Conference 2023 co-hosts Berks Nature.

The Nature Place, headquarters of Berks Nature, as seen from nearby pollinator gardens in Angelica Creek Park, Reading.

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The 2023 Pennsylvania Land Conservation Conference kicks off Wednesday, April 26. After a day spent exploring some of the many conservation and community projects located throughout Berks County on one of our three mobile seminars, attendees will end the day with a reception and networking opportunity hosted by Berks Nature at their LEED Gold certified headquarters, The Nature Place.

The Rookery at The Nature Place

The conference welcome reception will be held from 5-7PM and is sure to be an enjoyable celebratory event, as well as an opportunity for meaningful reconnection with colleagues in the conservation community (and perhaps new colleagues, too). This deliciously catered reception experience will include a menu of heavy hors d’oeuvres as well as an open bar. The location in The Rookery at The Nature Place, at the heart of Berks Nature’s headquarters, will provide a lovely nature-filled backdrop for mixing and mingling.

The Rookery at The Nature Place, Berks Nature.

The Rookery at The Nature Place, Berks Nature.

The Nature Place 

The Nature Place is a model for forward-thinking conservation spaces, and most of its design reflects the broad commitment to environmental learning and conservation in Berks Nature’s work. Located in the heart of Angelica Creek Park, a public urban park area, it features a robust watershed, trails, free play zones for children, and more. The park was saved from a hurricane-related dam flooding event in the early 2000s, and now, it flourishes. The Nature Place reflects Berks Nature’s partnerships with the city of Reading and Berks County.  Nestled into the heart of urban Reading, the building and its surrounding grounds are full of new opportunities for learning around every corner. 

The Nature Place, Berks Nature.

The Nature Place is a LEED gold certified building. Among its many features include: 

  • Observational beehive and native plant pollinator garden in the main lobby; 
  • Bird strike resistant windows; 
  • Innovatively rendered use of rebuilt, reclaimed, and recycled materials in many building features, including the stairs, carpeting, exterior stone and wood siding, and even furniture made from recycled milk cartons; 
  • Stormwater runoff systems designed to flow directly into adjacent wetland areas; 
  • Innovative HVAC systems utilizing wind power and outdoor airflow to maximize cleanliness and efficiency; 
  • And more. 

Children learning at The Nature Place, Berks Nature.

Pollinator garden pathway, Angelica Creek Park, The Nature Center, Berks Nature.

The grounds surrounding The Nature Place are lush with environmentally educational areas, including: 

  • BioHaven Island, a naturally functioning stormwater runoff filtration and habitat zone; 
  • Broad wetland areas accessible via boardwalks and other trails; 
  • Rain gardens, teaching gardens, and ample outdoor classroom areas; 
  • The Nature Play Zone area to encourage children to engage with nature in unstructured outdoor free play; 
  • Riparian buffer zones built around Angelica Creek; 
  • Monarch waystations and pollinator gardens; 
  • Native plant and composting demonstration areas; 
  • And more. 

Kids hard at play in The Nature Play Zone at The Nature Place, Berks Nature.

The Nature Place, Berks Nature.