On January 2, the Centre County Farmland Trust (CCFT) announced the donation of a conservation easement from the Rossman family on their 84-acre property in Potter Township. The family has wanted to protect their farm for many years, and the completion of this easement will ensure that the land will continue to be used as a working farm. The property sits along the north side of Route 45 between Old Fort and Spring Mills.

The farm is a recognized Century farm, which means that it has been in the Rossman family for over 100 years. Tragedy struck in 2009 when the original barn, built in 1862 caught fire. The community came together to support the Rossman family, and rebuilt the barn in 5 weeks. Today, the farm is used for crops and pasture for a small herd of dairy cows.

“This is an exciting project for Centre County Farmland Trust,” said Sarah Walter, Executive Director of CCFT. “The legacy represented by this land is an important part of our community’s heritage, and that is what this family wanted to protect.”