Ms. Maxine Field finalized a conservation easement with Chestnut Hill Conservancy to protect her home’s two parcels at 8234 Millman Street and 8233 Navajo Street, Philadelphia.  Ms. Field placed an easement to do what she could to protect her property from future overdevelopment, while retaining its ownership and the uses and activities she desires.  There are now 52 Chestnut Hill Conservancy easements protecting over 105 acres and 22 buildings.

Said Lori Salganicoff, the Conservancy’s Executive Director: “Another significant property in the Wissahickon watershed is now protected with a conservation easement. Many thanks to Ms. Field, her fellow eased-property owners, and the generous members and supporters who make the Conservancy’s work possible.”

Chestnut Hill Conservancy partners with Friends of the Wissahickon to coordinate a conservation and easements program to conserve privately-owned land in the watershed to protect Wissahickon Park, the cultural landscape, and the drinking water of millions of residents in Philadelphia.