ClearWater Conservancy announced a new partnership with Rothrock Trail Alliance. Quoted below is part of their informational release:

“To strengthen efforts related to our shared dedication to ensuring recreational access to, and the protection of nearby natural places, we’re proud to share that Rothrock Trail Alliance, formerly known as Friends of Rothrock, has become an official committee and community partner of ClearWater Conservancy.

ClearWater Conservancy and Rothrock Trail Alliance believe that every individual has a right to access and enjoy the natural resources within their community and that these resources need to be nurtured and protected by all of us. These natural resources are especially abundant in Rothrock State Forest which contains one of the premier trail systems for outdoor recreation (e.g., mountain biking, hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, bird watching) in the state of Pennsylvania. Through this partnership, we look forward to working together to help everyone nurture and responsibly enjoy awe-inspiring places like Rothrock State Forest.”