On February 22, ClearWater Conservancy finalized the permanent conservation of Bella Vista Farm, owned by the Dionisio Family. This 22-acre property is located just west of Musser Gap and contains sensitive wetland habitat, farmland, and woods, as well as 1,150 feet of Slab Cabin Run, an important local stream that flows into Spring Creek.

“Linda and I have for some time respected what ClearWater Conservancy and it’s conservation supporters/donors have done along Slab Cabin creek and we wanted to support the effort,” shared Joe Dionisio. “Their plan to remove invasives, create a habitat for birds and animals and protect the stream means a great deal to us.”

Restoration efforts on the stream began in the fall with planting of a forested streamside buffer along 8.7 acres of the stream. Because of the Dionisios are do dedicated to protecting their stream and wetlands, parts of the buffer planting beyond the streamside forest include native grass and wildflower meadows to benefit pollinators and many other wildlife species. This recent conservation success was made possible by the Dionisio Family and is another important step forward in ClearWater’s Slab Cabin Run Initiative, an ongoing effort to protect the region’s source waster, streams, and drinking water.