Go to the White House’s public comment site. Comment on the importance of conservation. You may multi-select as many agencies as you want and type your comments for each agency accordingly in the text area below. Also, since required to complete the form, select “-NONE-” and “-NA-” at the top of the survey items regarding agency elimination (unless you have specific agencies you wish to see eliminated). There is no need to fill out the “Organization” question.
Examples of possible comments:
  • Select Department of Interior: Full Department-Keep our national monuments protected. Do not damage a century of responsible establishment and conservation of national monuments.
  • Select Department of Interior: Full Department-Protect our national park systems. Do not weaken the National Park Service or other federal land agencies. These agencies hold federal land in trust for all US citizens. These lands make America great. They are fundamental to the character of America and should be cherished.
  • Select Department of Interior: United States Fish and Wildlife Service-Call for robust funding of the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program.
  • Select Department of Interior: National Park Service-State the need to fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), increase LWCF funding for state and local projects, and/or make land trusts eligible for LWCF funding.
  • Select Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service: State the need for more funding to help farmers complete conservation plans.
  • Select Department of Agriculture, Forest Service: State the need to protect our national forest systems. Indicate your support for the US Forest Service and our National Forests like our own Allegheny National Forest.