On November 19, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) announced the investment of $14.3 million in 41 land acquisition projects that will protect 10,051 acres of open space and natural areas through the Community Conservation Partnership Grants Program.

The investments were funded by a combination of state and federal sources, including the Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.

“This funding helps the department support the acquisition of land for expansion of community parks, critical wildlife habitat, and for the conservation of open space and natural areas,” said DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn.

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Next Round Of Applications Due April 22

The DCNR is now accepting applications for the next round of Community Conservation Partnership Grants.  The deadline for applications is April 22.

Workshops on how to apply for the grants have been scheduled around the state in November.

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