Erie County, in collaboration with the Erie-Western Pennsylvania Port Authority and the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance (EPTA), invites the community to attend the dedication and celebration of the newly established northern terminus of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail on Dobbins Landing at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 19. Masks are required.

The Erie to Pittsburgh Trail (EPT) is an emerging approximate 270-mile non-motorized multi-purpose trail system that will link Erie to Pittsburgh through the experience of small towns, rural landscapes, historic sites and cultural areas tied to regional trails.

Beginning in 2005, the mission of the EPTA is to advocate for the development of the continuous trail; to assist and encourage local and broader connections. The Alliance is an all-volunteer organization that consists of non-profit organizations, local municipalities, supporters and advocates affiliated with the EPT Corridor. The long-distance trail is approximately 66% complete and is expected to increase to over 70% by the end of 2022. The EPTA adopted the “90 by 90” campaign in 2019. The campaign sets a realistic but challenging goal of having 90% of the trail complete an off-road route by 2029, Jim Holden’s, the founder’s 90th birthday.

“This trailhead is a testament to the commitment to creating a long-distance trail connecting Erie and Pittsburgh,” said Cindy Adams Dunn, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary. “Many thanks to the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail Alliance and its partners for the investment in ‘Mile 0’ project, as well as the continued work on the 270-mile trail. Projects of this nature are critical in helping DCNR reach its departmental goal of having a trail within 10 minutes of every Pennsylvanian to expand recreation opportunities for all.”

Outdoor recreation has proven health benefits in the reduction of anxiety and stress, reduced employee sick time and promotes a sense of general well-being. In Pittsburgh’s southern terminus, the 24-mile Three Rivers Heritage Trail estimated a total of $8.3million in total economic impact with over 820,000 in annual visitors in 2014.

“The dedication of Erie’s Dobbins Landing, as the northern terminus of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail, marks a significant milestone in the development of the Trail,” said Joy Fronzoli, Administrator of the Erie County Greenways Program. “We are confident that this milestone will generate continued momentum toward the completion of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail, which will benefit Erie County’s residents and visitors as well as every community along the trail.”

For more information, contact Joy Fronzoli in the Erie County Department of Planning and Community Development at 814-451-7332 or [email protected].