On April 17, 2020, French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust announced that a 31 acre farm in East Coventry Township has been permanently preserved. Thanks to the DiBono family and funding from East Coventry Township, this scenic viewshed and keeping the rural nature of the area intact, the farm will provide benefits to the entire region. The DiBonos have established a nonprofit Pandanwal Farm Sanctuary to provide a safe place for abused and neglected animals.

Having grown up in the area, Patti DiBono was thrilled to be able to permanently protect a property she has loved throughout her life. The name of the sanctuary comes from a combination of the DiBonos’ names and those of the previous owners.

In Patti’s words, “We are a sanctuary offering lifetime care to displaced farm animals. Our animals come here for a variety of reasons: change in life circumstances, neglect, auctions, and feedlots. Currently, we have five horses, two miniature ponies, three miniature donkeys, two potbelly pigs, 16 goats, 20 chickens, eight ducks, three guinea hens, four dogs, and ten cats. We are also developing a volunteer program and an animal-assisted therapy program. ”

French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust is grateful for the opportunity to work with the DiBonos and East Coventry Township to protect this important landscape and provide a firm foundation for their important work.