French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust, in partnership with Charlestown Township, has protected another 7.5 acres in northern Chester County. The conservation easement of the Green Lane Road property, owned by Frances Rodgers, was funded through the township’s Open Space Initiative dedicated tax dollars and expanded the total protected lands along Green Lane to 175 acres.

Frances Rodgers and her late husband, Mike, raised 9 children on their Green Lane Road property in Charlestown Township. Mike was a five-term township supervisor and a great supporter of the open space initiative. When Fran decided to move to one of her daughter’s homes, she contracted with her neighbors, Rick and Holly Bernhard, to purchase the property, but wanted to place it under easement first. Charlestown Township Supervisor Kevin Kuhn brought in French & Pickering and the easement was completed on June 14, 2022.

“The Rodgers’ property is surrounded by three other French & Pickering easements, including the Bernhards’,” noted Pam Brown, French & Pickering Conservation Director. “A yield plan indicated that two additional houses could be constructed, but all were eliminated through the easement agreement. The Bernhards would like to extend their pasture to raise cattle, so this was the perfect solution for both parties,” Brown added.

The Rodgers’ property is located within the Pickering Creek watershed which is designated as having High Quality water by the PA Department of Environmental Protection. There are 1.25 acres of mixed-aged woodlands that provide habitat to numerous plant and animal species, as well as 4.5 acres of grassy fields.

French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust is grateful for Frances Rodgers’ generosity and for the opportunity to protect this beautiful property with the support of Charlestown Township.