In the next few days, legislators are choosing how to spend the state’s $7 billion in American Rescue Plan funding, and they have plenty of choices. If any of these dollars are to be invested in conservation, restoration, and outdoor recreation projects, it’s crucial that they hear from as many of you and your friends and associates as possible. Call or email your state senator and representative TODAY (and if not today, then ASAP), and urge them to use $500 million or more (7%) of American Rescue Plan funds for these projects that will help communities now and for decades to come.

  1. Remind them that past state investments in specific conservation, restoration, or and/or recreation projects are still benefiting your community.
  2. Explain to them that American Rescue Plan money can make new great projects happen in your community now—whether your focus is ensuring water quality; preventing flood damage; restoring streams, wetlands, and other wildlife habitat; improving outdoor recreational opportunities, or other conservation-related efforts.
  3. Ask them to press their legislative leaders to take this once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in these projects.
  4. Tell them that a great advantage of spending on these projects is that it doesn’t require state money for operations going forward. (Many legislators are concerned about creating new long-term operational expenses for the state when spending American Rescue Plan dollars.)

Although the above messages are enough, you can find more talking points to reinforce your message on the urgency of funding PA’s pressing needs.

This is a momentous opportunity to benefit Pennsylvanians now and for generations to come. Please act now to make the opportunity reality.

Andy Loza
Chair, Growing Greener Coalition
Executive Director, WeConservePA