This letter was sent to PALTA partners on October 20, 2012

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Celebration is in order…HB2224 has been defeated!

Although HB 2224 was scheduled for a vote, the Pennsylvania Senate completed its last voting day of the 2011-2012 legislative session Wednesday night (10/17) without taking that vote. The Senate will not vote on bills during its lame duck session starting November 14.

HB 2224 would have radically changed PA law. Local parks that weren’t acquired in particular ways would have lost long-standing protections under the law, making them vulnerable to political whims and quick sale for easy cash. Park safeguards would have depended on the method of acquisition decades or centuries ago.

Our success in stopping HB 2224 is a testimony to the phenomenal outreach that you all made to your legislators. Thank you all so very much.

Please take a few minutes today to WRITE A THANK YOU LETTER OR MAKE A THANK YOU CALL (even better, do both) TO YOUR LEGISLATORS AND THEIR AIDES who expressed concern about the potential for HB 2224 to harm our parks. They need to hear from you that their efforts or willingness to put the brakes on HB 2224 is appreciated.

If bill proponents still wish to see legislation enacted, they will have to start by introducing a new bill in 2013. PALTA will make sure that park supporters and conservationists are properly informed and engaged in the new legislative process from the beginning.

Again, thank you everyone for each of your individual parts in protecting our local parks.

Andy Loza, Executive Director
Pennsylvania Land Trust Association