Photo credit: Heritage Conservancy

Heritage Conservancy recently facilitated the placement of a conservation easement on 29.24 acres of land in Williams Township, Northampton County.

Owners Walter and Ligaya Russell signed an easement to preserve their property, which consists of the headwaters to the Fry’s Run Watershed, forested riparian buffers, woodlands, fields, native grassland meadows, and an organic fruit tree orchard.

“For nearly 15 years, Heritage Conservancy has worked with Williams Township to preserve some of the township’s most ecologically diverse and scenic agricultural properties. The partnership we have formed over the years is greatly valued,” said Laura Baird-Bower, Senior Land Conservationist for Heritage Conservancy. “With the added opportunities of Northampton County Open Space funding, we will have the ability to protect more beautiful open spaces like the Russell property.”

The preservation of the Russell property helps to protect the rural character of Williams Township and the PA Highlands within the Delaware River Watershed as well as important natural areas of wildlife habitat, water quality, vernal pools, and scenic viewscapes.

Heritage Conservancy will be the holder of the conservation easement, with co-holder Williams Township and beneficiary Northampton County. The holders will conduct annual monitoring to uphold the conservation goals of the easement. Williams Township and Northampton County’s Livable Landscape Grant provided the funding for this preservation success.