Heritage Conservancy announced that they have partnered with Warrington Township to ensure the permanent preservation of nearly 75 acres on two township-owned properties.

Warrington Township granted a conservation easement to Heritage Conservancy on a 21-acre open space property (left) located between Grove Valley Court and County Line Road. The mostly wooded property features wildlife habitat and scenic views, which contribute to the rural character of the surrounding area.

An additional 52.77 acres located between Street and Pickertown Roads (right) was also permanently protected by a Heritage Conservancy-held conservation easement. The property consists of agricultural areas as well as habitat for wildlife, open space, and rural scenic views.




Heritage Conservancy is a community-based, nonprofit organization that works in partnership with communities, landowners, businesses, governments, and other mission-focused organizations to ensure that the landscapes that make our region special endure and flourish, for the benefit of both people and nature. Founded in 1958 and based in Doylestown, PA, Heritage Conservancy has worked to protect more than 16,000 acres of open space, farmland, wildlife habitat, and important watershed areas throughout Bucks and surrounding counties.

They own and manage more than 50 properties, hold conservation easements on more than 250 properties, and actively pursue habitat restoration initiatives across the region. Heritage Conservancy also holds historic preservation easements and maintains a Register of Historic Places with nearly 700 entries. In their work to connect people to the environment and history of their local region, to educate, and to inspire advocacy for land and watershed protection, they interact with thousands of community members every year, including more than 2500 students.

Heritage Conservancy is nationally accredited by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.



This post adapted from releases and communications items from Heritage Conservancy.