The Buehner Farm, located in Bedminster Township, is a 41.9-acre farm almost entirely comprised of Prime Farmland and Farmland of Statewide Importance. Heritage Conservancy is a co-holder of the conservation easement on the property along with its partners, Bedminster Township and the Bucks County Agricultural Land Preservation Program.

Buehner Farm consists of two parcels of land located on either side of Schott Road. It boasts nearly 2,500 feet of frontage on Dublin Pike and Schott Road, providing scenic views of agricultural fields from multiple vantage points along two public thoroughfares. Additionally, the 3-acre section of woodlands provides almost 740 feet of road frontage. The conservation easement placed is one step towards ensuring that our region’s land will be enjoyed for generations to come.

The property is currently operated as a crop farm. In addition to the beautiful land, there are many physical structures on the property including a historic 200-year-old farmhouse, multiple barns, silos, and outbuildings. Preserving this property provides numerous benefits to the local production of food, feed, fiber, forage, and oil seed crops.

Located within the East Branch Perkiomen Creek Watershed, the farm contains a 950-foot tributary to the creek. The watershed drainage area includes all or portions of 16 municipalities and covers approximately 61 square miles.

The Buehner Farm contributes to a larger area of protected agricultural lands, increasing its preservation value. The protection of a critical mass of farms and farmland enables farm support businesses to survive and thrive, thus maintaining local and regional agricultural activity. Additionally, conflicting development will be kept at a distance, subsequently enhancing the local business climate for agriculture.