In Decemeber, Heritage Conservancy received a generous donation from a local business corporation. The Fred Beans Family of Dealerships donated $150,000 to the Conservancy’s Keeping the Promise (KTP) endowment fund. The KTP fund strengthens Heritage Conservancy’s promise to landowners and local residents to protect our natural and historic heritage in perpetuity.

Entering into its 60th anniversary as an organization in 2018, this major donation bestowed upon Heritage Conservancy comes at a time that speaks volumes about the Conservancy’s legacy and its impact in this community. Heritage Conservancy has facilitated the preservation of almost 15,000 acres of farmland, forest, watersheds, natural habitats, and open space in the Bucks County region, and it has designated over 600 structures on its Register of Historic Places to recognize their architectural integrity and historic significance. The Conservancy’s mission protects the charming landscapes that make our area unique and draw visitors to admire its beauty, and it safeguards the tapestry of our community.

Preserving land and historic properties is just the first step in Heritage Conservancy’s mission. Once preserved, each property requires annual monitoring and maintenance, which comes at a continuous cost. A strong endowment through the KTP fund is the backbone of the organization.
Recognizing that Heritage Conservancy’s mission provides a better quality of life for everyone, the Fred Beans Family of Dealerships chose to support the organization that benefits the community of which it is a part.

“Fred Beans believes that his success can be attributed to his practice of giving back and teaching others to give as well,” said Beth Beans Gilbert, vice president of the Fred Beans Family of Dealerships. “That’s why the Fred Beans Charitable Fund was created. It supports initiatives and organizations of all sizes in the hopes of lending a helping hand to those who need it. We love to have the ability to give this gift to Heritage Conservancy to preserve the Bucks County community.”

“This major gift from the Fred Beans Family of Dealerships symbolizes Fred Beans’ understanding of the necessity of Heritage Conservancy’s work and how it makes a positive difference in our community,” said Jeff Marshall, president of the Conservancy. “It is a dramatic affirmation of his commitment to the community that he serves. A true business leader, Fred knows it is crucial to give back and put a stake in the ground.”

With support from individuals and companies like the Fred Beans Family of Dealerships, Heritage Conservancy can look forward to another 60 years of keeping its promise to protect the landscapes and the quality of life that our community and future generations will continue to enjoy.