Kara Lubold. Photo by The Lebanon Valley Conservancy.

The Lebanon Valley Conservancy welcomed Kara Lubold to serve as executive director, while Courtney Reimann will focus on the preservation piece of their mission in her new role as land protection director.

Kara is a native Pennsylvanian who grew up spending time in nature, developing a passion for the environment by fishing, hiking through the Poconos, and taking nature walks in game preserves with her family. One of her fondest memories growing up is pitching an Army surplus tent and spending time exploring in her backyard.

As an adult, Kara developed an appreciation for the diversity of the natural world while following her husband’s 23-year naval career as a hospital corpsman. She was able to explore many new regions, each with a unique climate and environment. Kara and her husband, Matt, were stationed with both Navy and Marine Corps units in Texas, Maryland, and California. This provided her the opportunity to meet wonderful families from all over the world. Her experience as a military spouse has also given her a unique perspective on the importance of community service. It opened her eyes to the complexity of regional and global environmental issues, as well as the importance of land management and conservation.

Upon her husband’s retirement from the military, Kara and Matt remained in Maryland for several years until the lure of their Pennsylvania roots brought them home to Lebanon County. Now, Kara’s experiences serve as a motivator to ensure Lebanon County and Pennsylvania remain rich in natural resources and agricultural lands for future generations. She looks forward to serving her community and working with the Conservancy board, members, volunteers and supporters. Kara holds a M.S. in Environmental Management and B.S. in Environmental Science. She’s an active member of the National and Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP and PAEP) and has completed the Pennsylvania Climate Leadership Academy training program. She enjoys gardening, reading on her back porch, genealogy research, and spending time with her husband, beagle and two cats.