Lancaster Farmland Trust (LFT) added The Wittel Farm, owned by the Lutheran Camping Corporation of Central Pennsylvania, to their growing list of preserved farms. During LFT’s inaugural Breakfast on the Farm event, hosted at The Wittel Farm, the landowners signed the conservation easement, officially preserving the farm forever.

The Mount Joy Farm serves as a space for small group retreats and offers volunteers an opportunity to grow and harvest crops for donation to Hunger-Free Lancaster County. Ten of the 85 acres that make up The Wittel Farm are dedicated to growing a variety of vegetable crops. However, the entire farm subscribes to a number of environmentally friendly practices, including crop rotation, contour buffer strips, contour farming, cover crop, forest harvest management, and nutrient management.

Lutheran Camping Corp first spoke with the Trust in March 2018 about preserving their farm in Mount Joy Township. LFT’s Board of Trustees approved the property in October 2018 and has been on their waiting list since then.