The Land Conservancy for Southern Chester County (TLC) has announced the acquisition of a 180-acre property located in Elk Township. The property, which is located in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, will constitute TLC’s sixth nature preserve. The property was formerly owned by the Patricia du Pont Foundation and the proceeds will go directly to support the work of the Foundation’s equine- and hound-rescue operations. The property contains historic ruins of the old Rogers Road settlement, woodlands, meadows, and is traversed by the little Elk Creek and its tributaries. TLC plans to open the property to the public by the spring of 2020. In the interim, TLC plans to offer sneak peeks of the property through unique outreach programming. This project was made possible by grant funding from state, county, and township sources.

TLC also recently acquired a 20-acre property located in London Britain Township, now known as Fern Hill. The property is in close proximity to the White Clay Creek Preserve along the middle branch of White Clay Creek. Once a critical connector trail easement is secured on adjacent privately owned lands, TLC plans to open the property to the public. The property was formerly part of Good Hope Farm and includes the remnants of a mill race and dam. This is the first acquisition in a series of properties that TLC is hoping to secure in London Britain Township to create a contiguous conservation corridor aligned with the White Clay Creek Preserve, which will not only extend trail access from the Preserve but provide greater opportunities for access for fishing and sport along the middle branch of the White Clay Creek. TLC leveraged funds from the state, county, and township to acquire this vital connection to the White Clay Creek Preserve.