At the end of 2020, Manada Conservancy announced that they were able to add another 12 acres to the protected portion of the Pronio family farm. Manada Conservancy began working with the Pronio family to preserve their farm in 2016, placing a conservation easement on 27 acres of land high in conservation value.

The Pronio family is conserving their farm in a phased approach, with the family’s goal to protect all 145 acres of their farm. The property is located in the East Hanover – West Hanover municipal boundary along Route 39 in Dauphin County. The preservation of this farm ensures that the land will be preserved for future agricultural use, as well as the preservation of wildlife habitat, open space and scenic value. A tributary to Manada Creek and a portion of the Horse-Shoe Trail also cross the property, which is not far from the Kittatinny Ridge, a conserved, a 185-mile long unbroken chain of forested mountains that stretches through Pennsylvania.

Manada Conservancy is thankful to the Pronio Family for their partnership in preservation and continued support of the Conservancy.