Merrill W. Linn Land & Waterways Conservancy announced the acquisition by way of donation of 11.84 acres of property within the borough of Mifflinburg. To be known as the Ward-Lemon Addition, the land was given to the Linn Conservancy by Mrs. Donna Ward and Mr. Harris Lemon with the understanding that it should remain in a relatively natural and undeveloped state. Mrs. Ward, in reflecting upon an appreciation for nature acquired in her childhood, expressed her desire to know that the land’s natural qualities would be protected by the Conservancy.

This acreage is in close proximity to a 28-acre property protected as open, natural space through a conservation easement held by the Merrill LinnConservancy, Lewisburg. That easement was donated by former Mifflinburg resident and business woman Mary Koons in the 1990’s as the second such protective agreement held by the Conservancy. The so-called Koons Easement offers visitors a network of trails along Buffalo Creek and its floodplain, through a wildflower meadow, and among restored wetlands—all of this in the vicinity of the historic Hassenplug Covered Bridge. The proximity of this 11-acre addition lends itself to possible expansion of the trail system through other wetland areas.

We are most grateful to Mrs. Ward and Mr. Lemon for their gift to the Conservancy. It fits perfectly into our Linking Landscapes initiative which focuses on expanding and restoring open space connections for wildlife habitat. In adding to already protected natural space, Mifflinburg has an enlarged oasis of natural beauty within its bounds that few communities can claim. We hope that
residents and visitors alike will find this site one of enjoyment, peace, solace, and reflection now and forever.