Press release shared by Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy, June 19, 2024.  Photo courtesy of Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy. 

The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy (NPC) is thrilled to announce the installation of two brand-new bicycle repair stations along the Pine Creek Rail Trail, thanks to the generous support of the NPC membership. These new facilities are strategically located at the Cammal Comfort Station and the Tomb Flats Recreation Area, enhancing the experience for all trail users.

This project was a collaborative effort with the Pine Creek Preservation Association and NPC’s partners at Tiadaghton State Forest. The new repair stations complement the one installed two years ago by this trio of organizations at Bonnell Flats, reinforcing their commitment to providing essential amenities for outdoor enthusiasts.

“We are incredibly proud to add these new bicycle repair stations along the Pine Creek Rail Trail,” said Holly Byers, Communications Coordinator at NPC. “Our goal was to help ensure that everyone who uses the trail has access to the resources they need to enjoy their time outdoors safely and comfortably.”

The Pine Creek Rail Trail is a popular destination for cyclists, hikers, and nature lovers, stretching over 60 miles through the scenic Pine Creek Gorge. The new repair stations are equipped with tools and air pumps to assist with common bike repairs, ensuring that trail users can quickly address issues such as flat tires and minor mechanical problems.

“Next time you’re out on the Pine Creek Rail Trail, you can ride with peace of mind knowing that these repair stations are available to help with any unexpected bike issues,” added Holly Byers. “We are grateful to the NPC membership and our partners for making this possible and for their ongoing support of NPC’s mission.”

For more information about the new bicycle repair stations or to learn more about NPC’s initiatives, please visit NPC’s website at

Photo:  Cyclists make use of the new bicycle repair station installed at the Cammal Comfort Station along the Pine Creek Rail Trail.

Media Contact: Holly Buyers, [email protected].