Pennsylvania Game Commission Reports, April 22, 2024. Stock photo courtesy of Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Pennsylvania game commissioners at their April 13 meeting approved acquisitions that would add nearly 310 acres to state game lands.

That involves the purchase of four properties. They are:

  • Roughly 20 acres in Rockland and Cranberry townships in Venango County that’s adjacent to State Game Land 45. The North Country National Scenic Trail runs through the property, which also contains critical and unique riparian habitat of East Sandy Branch Creek, a stocked trout stream.
  • Roughly 20 acres in Catharine Township, Blair County, adjacent to State Game Land 166. This acquisition connects two existing game lands tracts.
  • Roughly 67 acres in Snyder Township, Blair County, that’s an indenture to State Game Land 278 and connects two parcels of the game land.
  • Roughly 24 acres in Liberty Township, McKean County, adjoining State Game Land 61.

Game Commissioners also approved one land exchange. They exchanged about a 0.13- acre non-exclusive right-of-way on State Game Land 335 in Tioga County for roughly 0.25 acres of land adjoining the same game land.

Commissioners also announced two property acquisitions approved earlier by notational vote. Those were:

  • Roughly 51 acres in Albany Township, Berks County, that’s an indenture to State Game Land 106.
  • Roughly 198 acres in Albany Township, Berks County, that’s likewise an indenture to State Game Land 106.

Game Commissioners also announced the acquisition of a roughly 52-acre parcel in Ayr Township, Fulton County, adjacent to State Game Land 53, via auction. The commission can, with certain limitations, acquire land in such a way in cases where sales are imminent, and the agency needs to react quickly.

This property provides critical access to the existing game land.

Hunters and other users of the game lands system should be aware that none of these additions are yet final. Some are contingent upon third parties receiving funding through grants or other means.

What’s more, Board of Commissioners approval of the agreements is but one step in the land-transfer process.

When that process is completed, and the properties are officially game lands, the Game Commission will post signs to that effect, stating that they’re now available for public use.

In other action, commissioners approved a request by Irvona Borough Council in Clearfield County for a right-of-way for a borough street be dedicated as a public road. Because the road is currently open to public travel, approving the request eliminates maintenance obligations for the Game Commission, resolves conflicts with access to private properties, and allows for more efficient public utilities service.

Finally, Game Commissioners approved a non-surface cooperative agreement with CNX Resources Corp. involving about 113 acres of State Game Land 245 in Washington County.