The Pennsylvania Land Trust Association recently completed its biannual census of land trusts. As of 12/31/2009, the ninety-one land trusts operating in Pennsylvania have conserved 592,476 acres of farmland, forest, parks, trail corridors and other green spaces that people love. These lands – conserved with conservation easements, via land trust ownership and management, or by transfer to local or state government – make up 2% of Pennsylvania’s land mass.

 Aggregate Acreages Conserved by Land Trusts


Pennsylvania Land Trusts by # of Employees

Land Trusts Make Tremendous Gains in Last Six Years

  • In just the past six years, Pennsylvania’s land trusts increased their easement acreage by 69% and number of easements by 85%.
  • The acreage transferred to local and state government for conservation purposes increased by 26%They increased the conservation land they own and manage by 119%.
  • 32% of the conservation work of ALL the conservation work ever completed by land trusts was accomplished in the past six years.

Acreages Protected by Pennsylvania Land Trusts

Easement Transactions