Today, Pennsylvania safeguarded 2,638 acres on 30 farms in 16 counties through the state’s nation-leading Farmland Preservation Program. Since 1988, the program has purchased permanent conservation easements on 5,843 Pennsylvania farms, covering 594,457 acres, in 59 counties, ensuring they will remain farms in the future.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have seen vividly how crucial our farms are for food in our stores and on our tables,” Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding said. “Ensuring that farms stay farms instead of becoming warehouses or parking lots is an investment in all of our futures, and one of the most effective partnerships among farmers and government at every level.”

Preserved farms are protected from future residential, commercial or industrial development. They represent targeted investments in the future of farming and food security in Pennsylvania.

The 30 farms preserved today are in Beaver, Butler, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lawrence, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Northampton, Schuylkill, Snyder, Union and York counties.

These farms include crop, cattle, sheep, goat and dairy operations.

Notable farms preserved today include the Keith Eckel Farm, a 78.85-acre crop operation with soils classified as the most productive, along the banks of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River in Lackawanna County.

The David F. and Diane M. Friedman Farm, a 48.45-acre crop operation in Northampton County, is being preserved in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceOpens In A New Window. In addition to providing land necessary for food production, preserved farms with forested and natural areas also provide significant wildlife habitat.

The Alfred D. Nagle Farm, a 98.53-acre crop operation in Schuylkill County, is part of a 4,100-acre Agricultural Security Area (ASA), of which 646.42-acres are permanently preserved. There are more than 1,000 townships across Pennsylvania with designated Agricultural Security Areas. This designation is required for farms to be preserved through the state farmland preservation program.

Farms preserved and dollars invested, by county:

Beaver County  total investment of $68,993 state, $20,100 county

The Rachel Mignogna Farm #1, a 21-acre crop and livestock operation

Butler County  total investment of $341,544 state, $100,000 county

The Foertsch Farm 2020 #2, a 102-acre crop and livestock operation

Chester County  total investment of $1,004,986 state

The Christ S., Jr. and Martha F. Petersheim Farm, a 54-acre crop and livestock operation

The Terry L. and Nancy M. Stauffer Farm, an 88-acre livestock operation

The Emanuel K.  Fannie S. Stoltzfus Farm, an 82-acre crop and livestock operation

Cumberland County  total investment of $383,926 state, $105,881 county

The Kenneth E. and Patricia Ann Dietch Farm, a 31-acre crop operation

The Alvin M. and Pauline G. Weaver Farm, a 116-acre crop and livestock operation

Dauphin County  total investment of $131,160 state

The James L. Jr. and Lorretta L. Long Farm, an 87-acre crop operation

Lackawanna County  total investment of $437,803 state, $147,843 county

The Keith W. Eckel Farm #1, a 79-acre crop operation

The Kathy M. Everett Farm #1, a 147-acre crop operation

Lancaster County – total investment of $314,899.12 state, $674,385.00 county

The A. Omer, Charmayne Brubaker Farm, a 45-acre sheep and goat operation

The Levi S. and Ruth Ann Kauffman Farm, a 77-acre crop operation

The Lorna and Bartnick Nolt and Karen M. & Amos Conley Farms, a 70-acre crop operation

The Warren Z. and Linda M. Sensenig Farm, a 110- acre dairy operation

The Edward L. and Debra A. Zug Farm #2, a 29-acre crop operation

Lawrence County  total investment of $ 100,096 state, $23,362 county

The Douglas and Karen Beatty Farm, a 93-acre crop and livestock operation

Lebanon County  total investment of $153,686 state, $67,223 county

The S. Cleason and Mary Joyce Nolt Farm, an 87-acre crop and livestock operation

Lehigh County  total investment of $54,553 state, $1,276,533 county

The Larry Lew Hower Estate, a 71-acre crop operation

The Richard and Patricia R. Hughes Farm, a 43-acre crop operation

The Mark A. and Katherine Lichtenwalner Farm, a 135-acre crop operation

Luzerne County – total investment of $940,105 state

The Joseph and Patricia Gans Farm, a 274-acre crop operation

Northampton County  total investment of $803,454 state, $357,024 county

The Paul H. et al Deck Farm, a 115-acre crop operation

The David F. and Diane M. Friedman Farm, a 34-acre crop operation

The Brad J. and Allyson Weinhofer Farm, a 74-acre crop operation

Schuylkill County total investment of $205,448 state

The Alfred D. Nagle Farm, a 99-acre crop operation

Snyder County  total investment of $126,478.63 state

The Myra L. and Smith, Paul R. & Gordon E. Deitrich Farm, a 61-acre crop operation

Union County– total investment of $134,376.58 state, $126,963 county

The Richard O. Grace, Michael and Jamie Noll Farm, a 105-acre crop operation

York County– total investment of $930,960 state

The Ronald E. Coleman Farm #2, a 161-acre crop and livestock operation

The Glen A. and Susan E. Daugherty Farm #3, a 32-acre crop operation

The David S. and Janet D. Evans Farm #1, a 117-acre crop and livestock operation

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