A century-old bridge in Lancaster County officially has a new lease on life.

The Safe Harbor Trestle Bridge is a former railroad along the Enola Low Grade Trail in Manor Township, Lancaster County. The bridge spans 1,500 feet across the Conestoga River where it empties into the Susquehanna River.

The bridge has never been open to walkers and hikers–until now. As of June 2, the Safe Harbor Bridge is officially open to visitors.

Opening the bridge required years of construction work at a total cost of $9 million. Funding came from local donors, Lancaster County, PennDOT, and DCNR. DCNR’s contribution totaled more than $1.3 million from the Keystone Recreation, Park, and Conservation Fund.

The bridge deck is over a hundred feet above the Conestoga River and offers epic views of the lower Susquehanna River.

Local officials believe the bridge will be a major boon for tourism.

More than 75,000 people use the Enola Low Grade Trail annually in Manor Township alone. The trail supports walking, biking, and cross-country skiing.

The Safe Harbor Bridge was one of Pennsylvania’s Top 10 Trail Gaps. It links five miles of the Enola Low Grade Trail’s western length with more than 20 miles that are built, in design, or under construction.