Notice given from Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC):

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has released the Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 RAISE Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). The FY 2023 RAISE round marked the program’s most far-reaching commitment to connecting people and places by trails and other active-transportation infrastructure. Nearly $400 million granted in this latest round is being invested to solely fund bicycle and pedestrian projects.

Below are a few reminders for applicants:

  • Mandated Minimum and Maximum Awards: For the 2024 round, the USDOT has highlighted the mandated minimum award amounts for capital grants: $1 million minimum in rural areas and $5 million minimum in urban areas. There is no minimum for planning grants. The maximum for both capital and planning grants is $25 million.
  • Focus on Equity and Climate: There is a continued focus on racial equity, climate change and removing barriers to opportunity.
  • Other Considerations: Projects designated ‘RCN Program Extra’ during the new FY 2023 Reconnecting Communities and Neighborhoods (RCN) Program competition and submitted for consideration under the FY 2024 RAISE NOFO will have a better chance to be advanced during the FY 2024 RAISE evaluation process. In addition, recipients of previous TIGER/BUILD/RAISE grants can also apply for funding to support additional phases of their projects.

Given the USDOT’s continued focus on climate, equity and safety, as well as their robust support for active transportation in 2023, RTC highly encourages trail developers to apply for this important funding source.

For more on the importance of RAISE funding for trails and active transportation, visit RTC’s RAISE program page.

Stay tuned for upcoming funding announcements, including the first Active Transportation Infrastructure Investment Program (ATIIP) NOFO. ATIIP will be the only dedicated federal funding source for connected trail and active-transportation networks. ATIIP applicants don’t have to compete against roads, bridges and transit projects, and ATIIP is the perfect funding source for network planning grants, gap-filling for a network where supplemental funding is needed to complete the picture, and trail spines between communities.

ATIIP includes broad eligibility for trail and active transportation projects. You can find a full list of ATIIP-eligible projects in the Pedestrian and Bicycle Funding Opportunities: U.S. Department of Transportation Highway, Transit, and Safety Funds funding matrix.


This post adapted from a release from RTC.