Applications are now being accepted for the WalkWorks program to help communities develop Active Transportation Plans and increase physical activity by connecting local destinations with improved pedestrian, bicycle, and transit networks.
WalkWorks is an initiative between the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Downtown Center that works to increase access and opportunities for physical activities, such as walking, biking, wheeling, and using public transit.
Eligible Commonwealth municipalities can apply for funding to create more pedestrian-friendly spaces for residents.


  • Provides funding to develop Active Transportation Plans to guide the establishment of safe, accessible, active routes connecting everyday destinations.
  • Provides technical assistance for the development of said plans and policies.
  • Educates about the relevance and benefits of safe and accessible walking, biking, transit, and all forms of active mobility for people throughout the commonwealth, no matter their zip code, income, or skin color.
  • Offers support to communities that encourage walking, biking, transit, wheeling, etc., through events, routes, programs, and groups.

Making walking and biking safer and more convenient can help social interaction between residents, improve local economies and public health, and reduce air pollution. Take action to help prioritize active transportation in your community by talking with your local government officials, identifying stakeholders and strategic community partners, and conducting a walkability assessment.

Applications but be submitted by 5:00 P.M. on Friday, March 22.