WeConservePA has updated its guide, “Land Trust Accreditation.”

Accreditation awarded by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission publicly recognizes a land trust’s ability to operate in an ethically and technically sound manner as measured by compliance with a set of indicator practices selected from Land Trust Standards and Practices. Accreditation is voluntary.

Land trusts seeking accreditation apply to the Commission, which conducts an extensive review process. Once a land trust is awarded accreditation, it must initially apply for renewal every five years to maintain its accreditation. The renewal process ensures that a land trust continues striving for maximum conformance with Standards and Practices. As of 2023, there are over 460 accredited land trusts nationwide, including 23 based in Pennsylvania.

This guide introduces users to the basic features of land trust accreditation. Perspectives on accreditation are included from a range of Pennsylvania accredited land trusts from staff members who were present for the initial accreditation process. For land trusts interested in researching accreditation further, the guide includes links to additional resources that offer more detailed information.