WeConservePA has updated three more guides:

Model Documents Overview

WeConservePA develops and maintains model documents to help users plan and complete real property transactions, ensure conservation permanence, reduce liability, and otherwise advance their conservation, outdoor recreation, and land use planning efforts efficiently and effectively. This guide provides both a concise list-style overview as well as a more detailed guide-by-guide descriptive listing to assist conservationists in finding the correct model document for their project needs.

Restricted Gifts

Charitable organizations should be aware of the issues that come with gifts of cash, land, or other property restricted to a particular purpose rather than an organization’s general purposes. They should understand the need for good communications with donors, be ready to handle the management challenges, and take care to avoid inadvertently imposing restrictions on gifts in their solicitations. This guide reviews the “why and how” of restricted gifts, as well as numerous key “dos and don’ts.”

Reducing Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax

In Pennsylvania, death triggers a state inheritance tax on the distribution of the deceased person’s assets (the “estate”) to the beneficiaries of the estate. Conservation restrictions in support of agriculture on land included in the estate can reduce the inheritance tax owed. This guide walks the reader through a complex legal scenario in something closer to layman’s terms, and has been reviewed and edited by multiple lawyers.