WeConservePA recently updated two of its guides: Planned Giving and Costs of Owning and Operating Preserves.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is charitable giving that is deferred to sometime in the future (often at death) and is formally integrated into a person’s overall financial and estate planning. Planned giving methods range from straightforward bequests to more complex mechanisms such as charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and pooled income funds; many offer tax or other financial benefits to donors, and are therefore appealing to people who plan to make large gifts.

This guide provides links to resources to help nonprofits understand planned giving and operate successful planned giving programs. See the Planned Giving library topic at the WeConservePA Library for these and other resources.

Costs of Owning and Operating Preserves

The costs incurred by a land trust in owning and operating a preserve vary greatly depending on the land trust’s plans for and activities on the land. This guide describes a quick and rough method to estimate costs and provides links to in-depth cost calculators and other resources.